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Worship Team


Playing in the orchestra is an opportunity, for those who are given the gift of music, to serve God with their talents. At First Baptist Church of Boulougne, none of us are professionals; we are simply those who have been called to serve by playing the instruments we have learned over the years. Whether you haven’t played an instrument for many years or have regularly been playing, if you feel you have been called by God to serve, honor His calling. Our orchestra consists of brass, woodwinds, guitar, and percussion.  We vary from traditional southern gospel to the modern praise and worship songs you hear on the radio today.  We serve and play with humility for an audience of One.  All glory, honor and praise goes to our God.  We pray that if you hear His calling, you will respond.  We will always have a chair waiting for you. We love what we do and we feel God’s blessing upon our orchestra. Don’t be afraid to be a part of our orchestra family.

We practice onstage Wednesday evenings at 5pm, before service.  If work prevents you from attending at 5pm, you can always come in late.  Additionally, we also practice Sunday mornings starting at 9:15am.


Have you been called by God to sing for Him?  Obey his calling, as we only sing for an audience of One.  We sing everything from traditional southern gospel to contemporary praise and worship music.  We are, without a doubt, family.  The choir has a special feeling amongst ourselves that makes us a very special family.  We all love each other and serve together as one. We don’t look for a perfect pitch;  we simply look for those who are honoring His call to serve Him through song.  Our choir has ‘seasons’.  We have a Easter season that starts in January, that concludes with our Easter musical.  We then have a summer season, that concludes at the end of August, then we have a Christmas season that concludes at the end of December, with the highlight being our Christmas musical.  These seasons are opportunities for you to join and they are opportunities for you to step down, without the guilt or a raised eyebrow from others.  We don’t like the impression of ‘once a choir member, always a choir member’.  You can join us anytime… but only if you feel God’s calling.

We have practices in the choir room each Sunday evening right after the evening service at 7:30pm.  The choir room is right behind the choir loft.  Please join us!